I Love My Lavender Fresh & Herb Preety Candles! Please support Preety Candles!

Greatest smell on this earth lol


Marjorie Angel

Preety Candles is awesome, and I will be ordering more! Clean Cotton was my choice..and there are many more fragrances fruity scents too! gel candles that last a long time!!! And smell wonderfull Thank you so much for the prompt delivery also! @preetycandles .. Can't wait to try my #apple #bathsalts #handmade #fragrant #fragrance #candles and Bath Salts!!


Sharmeka Nelson

I Love Preety Candles Please Support Them! They have The Best Candles!


Sharcora Gaymon

Preety candles are the best smelling candles I have come across.  The customer service was excellent, and so accommodating.  I love the smell of fresh laundry, and the fragrance of my Fresh and Clean scented Preety candles let's me enjoy that smell throughout my home.

"It's The Greatest Smell On Earth"



Kay Marie

Wow! Preety Candles

I Love My Cherry Blossom Candle. Make sure you also shop at